The Old Kirk of St. Drostan

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The Old Kirk of St. Drostan St Droston's Kirk
near New Aberdour
Early 16th century Kirk which is all that is left
of the old kirktown of Aberdour, reputedly
on of the cradles of Christianity in Scotland
, at least two gravestones are dated 1559 and readable.
GPS Location -
57.669427; -2.195174
Memorial to William Baird and wife
Memorial at St Drostan's Kirk to William Baird,
Chief of the Baird Clan
his wife Anne Duff and their daughter Henrietta

William and Anne are buried at St. Nicholas' Church
in Aberdeen.
William having been the Laird of Aberdour until
he sold the lands to pay his debts
after the 1745 uprising
Memorial to William Gordon of Aberdour Memorial to William Gordon of Aberdour
and his family.

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