St Tecwyn's Church,

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St. Tecwyn,s Church St Tecwyn's (C in W)
GPS Location -
N52°54'58.63" W4°2'9.52"

A hill farming church for hundreds of years
and a burial place for 2500 years
it overlooks the Afon Dwyryd Estuary 500 feet below.
The Llyn Peninsula to the West
whilst Snowdon looms over the North
and lots more views all around.
A small church with lots of graves of the people who
worked the lands of the surrounding hills.
There are not many roads round here
and so is not very well visited,
and those who don't miss a marvelous set of views.

The graveyard I counted 2 maybe 3 farmhouses in sight of the church
over a view of many miles radius
and yet so many people must have worked the land
for so many gravestones,
with similar numbers of gravestones
on three sides of the church,
and now so peaceful.
Inside the church Inside St Tecwyn's Church,
so plain and simple

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