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Dudley Metropolitan Council Cemetery Plans

Unfortunately I am not allowed to put copies of these plans on this site for copyright reasons but we are permitted to put a link to the council's web site pages with the plans on them,

  1. Brierley Hill Cemetery, GPS location..... N5228'46.48" W28'12.86"
  2. Dudley Cemetery, GPS location ..... N5230'11.72" W25'44.16"
  3. Gormal Wood Cemetery, GPS location .....N5230'39.43" W28'1.12"
  4. Cradley Cemetery, GPS location .....N5227'49.62" W25'25.31"
  5. Halesowen Cemetery, GPS location .....N5227'1.43" W23'16.73"
  6. Lye/Wollescote Cemetery, GPS location .....N5227'16.29" W26'56.81"
  7. Stourbridge Cemetery, GPS location .....N5227'11.45" W210'5.66"
Plans for the above cemeteries can be found at Dudley M.B.C. website at Dudley MBC, on each individual Cemetery page you can click on Genealogy Research Service on the menu and then the "I AGREE" link at the bottom of the page and you are given a search of the cemeteries.

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