UK Cemetery & Graveyard Plans

St. John's Church Graveyard opened 1822

School Lane
Burwardsley CH3 9NY
Cheshire GPS Location
N53°6'11.81" W2°43'30.41"

Plans and M.I.s donated and © by Margaret Hough

The three graveyard plans are in *.jpg format and show 3 different areas of the graveyard.
The M.I.s are in MS Word .doc format and are capable of being opened with MS Word or with Open Office Org Writer
  1. St. John's Graveyard Plan 1
  2. St. John's Graveyard Plan 2
  3. St. John's Graveyard Plan 3
  4. St John's Graveyard Monumental Inscriptions
  5. St. John's Graveyard M.I. Addendum

A photograph of the church is available at   St. John's Church Burwardsley

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