Photographs of UK Churches

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Be in no doubt this is a Genealogical site not a religious site

As a genealogist I find that people from other parts of the world will, on occasion, request a photograph of a particular U.K. church, so, on my travels, I am photographing churches and putting them on this site.
You are welcome to copy the photos for personal use only.

If the country, town or village is not listed then I have no photos of that place but will be added as and when I get copies, so bookmark this site and return every now and then.

If you photographed, and therefore own the copyright also, a church, any denomination, and wish to donate a copy to this web site and do not mind copies being taken for personal use then please send me a copy and the details of where the church is and any other info on the church available, credit for the photo and info will be given to you the supplier, unless otherwise stated.
I, the webmaster, reserve the right of censorship of the information submitted. As said previously this is a genealogical source, not an advert for churches.

Where possible I will include links to sites with info about that church, e.g. a link to the parish/town web site.

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